The Bevpod Slim Cooler

The first lightweight, hands free cooler made to be carried in a backpack, tote, or with the comfortable shoulder strap. Plus, the protective case keeps any combination of snacks and up to ten drinks chilled for a full eight hours..

Lightweight. Compact. Durable.

Lightweight and easy to carry so you don't break your back or stretch your arm by dragging a heavy cooler from your car to the mountain peak. Bevpod Slim Cooler just slides into your backpack and you are good to go.

Sleek and stylish on the outside while on the inside it is simple and easy to clean. Can you ask for anything more from a drink and snack cooler? 

Ample storage space means you can bring along cans, bottles, fruit, and other items anywhere.

Indestructible construction will take any adventure you take it on and will always perform.

The BevPod Slim Cooler is 1/2 the weight of a traditional cooler and only 3" tall. The first lightweight, hands free cooler.