Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler -Free Shipping

Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler -Free Shipping

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Adaptable, Compact and Stylish, You'll Always Be Prepared To Go Where You Want!

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Finally, a hands-free light-weight cooler that looks great and is actually easy to take with you. No matter where you take it.


You have 60 days to check it out, use it, and make sure you love it.

  • It's only 3" tall and can be carried inside of a backpack, tote, messenger bag, or with the included shoulder strap.
  • Pack ten cans, six bottles, or any combination of drinks and snacks.
  • Eight hours of beverage chilling power without ice. 
  • Just use the included reusable ice sheet to keep your drinks frosty.
  • Hard formed case protects the contents from hard impacts and drops.
  • No ice, No Mess. Easy to clean. 
  • Just take the ice sheet out and put it in the freezer for the next day.
  • Durable. Modern. Stylish.
  • Leave the house knowing you are prepared for the day.


A full size cooler in a fraction of the space with a protective case, indestructible zipper, ample storage, reusable ice sheets, easy clean up, and up to 8 hours of cooling power, Bevpod is the most versatile personal cooler available.


Be the first to get the brand new Bevpod Slim Cooler and discover new opportunities to make friends, relax, and enjoy yourself. When you see your buddies eyes light up the first time you hand them a frosty drink from your Bevpod Slim Cooler, you will be glad that you got it first. It’s the future of portable coolers. 


What You Get When You Order A Bevpod Slim Cooler For $37

  • 1x BevPod Cooler
  • 1x BevPod Ice Sheet
  • 1x Carrying Strap

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